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Our live music socials are back! 2023 socials are bigger and better than ever! Finish your week and your month with some chill vibes, swinging out to some of the best music in town.
*FLOOR POLICY* Folk Hall has pretty much the nicest dance floor in Canberra, and a strict shoe policy to take care of it. There are no heels, hard soles or soles that will mark the floor allowed. Please don't wear your street shoes (the ones you wear to arrive) while dancing; Bring some clean, soft-soled shoes to change into, and make sure there aren't any pebbles or similar stuck to the sole. You will be asked to leave the floor if we think your shoes might mark the floor.
Every last Friday of the month)
$22 at the door or pre purchase online or at class

Feel free to bring snacks and drinks, or grab a bite beforehand at the nearby Dickson or Watson shops.

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