Advanced Classes and

Taster Courses

(8:30pm Tuesdays)

Been dancing more than a year and ready to ramp it up?  Comfy with Swingouts, variations and basic jazz steps, and ready for more technique and a challenge? This class will refine that leading and following, as well as exploring more advanced techniques and moves, musicality, movement and styling.  If you’ve been dancing more than a year, you’re welcome to come and try this class, but the level will be kept high.

For the Taster Course: Balboa, Shag, Solo Jazz, 20’s Charleston, dips and tricks – this is the time for all those ‘other’ vernacular swing-related dances.  We’ll spend a month on each, cycling through, taking requests having a ball.  For those who want to expand their swing vocabulary or just want a bit of fun or more dancing in their week! The Taster course can be open to Beginners – Keep an eye out for announcements.

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