Exciting 2023 Class Updates!

New year, new Swing Katz – we’re changing things up just a little bit and adding new chances for you to dance!

Tuesday Classes

Tuesday classes are back, bringing you another chance to swing into your week and more time to refine your dancing. Beginner’s will be run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm, and we’re also bringing back our popular Variety courses, this time in a new format from 8.30pm. The teaching team is very excited to be running 6-week short course blocks in a wider variety of all things swing than ever before, including Shag, Balboa, Tricks, Solo Jazz, Advanced classes, 20’s Charleston and more!

Thursday Classes

6.30 Thursdays brings you an Open Practice session, which we’re sure will quickly become an essential staple in your dancing week! Come along to run through things at your own pace, social dance with some friends or ask some questions to help you progress and feel even better even faster. There’ll be music playing at a welcoming practice pace and friendly faces to meet and ask for a dance.

7.30 Beginners will continue in the current 6-week format, with a new cycle of teaching partnerships to bring you new perspectives and fresh explanations to enhance your dancing journey. This will be followed as usual by Intermediate class at 8.30pm, which has an updated syllabus in the works 😉