New Tuesday Classes!

🎉 Now you can get your swing dancing fix in a new location, or why not join in twice a week?!

🎉Looking for a dynamic way to get moving, meet awesome people, and add some sizzle to your spring? You’re in luck! Our swing dance classes are tailor-made for you, offering a pocket-friendly, energetic, and unforgettable experience.

🕺 Why dance with Us:
✅ Stay Active & Social: Say goodbye to boredom and hello to fun-filled nights! Our swing dance classes are your ticket to staying active, mingling with new faces, and making the most of your night life

✅ Tuesday Thrills: Get ready to groove on Tuesday nights at Currie Crescent Community Centre, Kingston, starting at 7:30pm. No need to bring a partner or sign up beforehand – just drop in and swing out!

✅ Swingin’ Energy: Embrace the vibrant beats and electrifying moves of swing dancing, adding a fresh twist to your week. Dive into the rhythmic tunes and retro vibes of the 1920s-50s while connecting with fellow students who share your sense of fun.

✅ Wallet-Friendly Fun: Canberra life can be expensive, but your dance journey doesn’t have to be. Join us for just $17.50 per night or grab a budget-friendly 6-week pass for only $80. Swing dancing has never been this kind to your wallet!

✅ No Experience Needed: New to swing dancing? No worries! Our friendly and experienced instructors (all of whom hold championship titles!) will guide you through every step, helping you look and feel great on the dance floor in no time.

📅 Details in a Glance:
🗓️ Tuesday Nights
⏰ 7:30pm
📍 Currie Crescent Community Centre, 11 Currie Cres, Kingston

🌱 Curious to Know More?
Have questions or simply curious about swing dancing? Shoot us an email at or drop us a message. We’re here to give you all the answers you need!

📣 Grab Your Spot!
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to dance, mingle, and have an absolute blast. See you on the dance floor, ready to swing into spring like never before!

Classes are back!

Woohoo! Classes are back next week with your favourite line up of teachers and classes, plus something new(ish)!
We’ve got all sorts of exciting plans for 2021, so check in regularly for the latest news on classes, workshops, aerials, vintage style and more.

6.30pm – *NEW* Balboa
7.30pm – Beginners Week 1
8.30pm – Beginners+

6.30pm – Solo Jazz (at Overture Hall, Weston)

6.30pm – Shag
7.30pm Beginners
8.30pm – Intermediate

Next Beginners Block starts 10th(Tuesdays) and 12th(Thursdays) November

It’s time to get your dancing shoes on and give SWING DANCING a go!

Get fit, meet new friends and have a ball in this fun, no-pressure environment. All welcome – come alone or bring some friends!With a touch of vintage flavour, we’re a young bunch of fun people who love to bring the dances, music and style of the 1920’s-50’s to today. Known for our high energy, high flying performances and super fun classes, Canberra Swing Katz specialise in Charleston, Lindy Hop and related Swing Dances.

On Tuesday and Thursday nights YOU could be learning how to do this energetic and tremendously fun social dance! Just choose whichever night suits you and learn all the basics you need to look and feel great on the dancefloor in just 6 short weeks!

Have you done our beginners course, but want a little more before joining intermediate, or you want to brush up on your fundamentals? Then BEGINNERS+ is the class for you! This short session after our Tuesday beginners class is tailored each week to specifically target areas you want to work on to feel more confident and have even more fun on the dance floor.

Classes are held at Majura Hall Dickson at 7:30pm. It’s $13 per class or $65 for a 6-week pass.
Tuesday nights are now Beginners+. This new course is beginner friendly but will touch on some more core concepts and techniques.

Due to Covid-Restrictions, numbers are limited and you WILL NEED TO BOOK. Use this link to secure your spot now!

Course Start Dates 2020
November 10th and 12th